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Angelus paintproducts Cognac Acrylic leather paint


Angelus Leather Acrylic Paint will not crack or peel when prepped and applied properly to your custom sneakers (or other leather projects). Once completely dry, Angelus Leather Paint will be completely water proof.

The paint is water-based for easy clean-up and is mixable for countless custom colors! 


Leather Deglazer

An absolute must-have to get the best results when using Angelus Paint. This is an all purpose leather cleaning product that gets a shoe deglazed and ready for customizing by breaking down the original finish. We recommend the Fiebing's Deglazer. (see related products on the bottom of this page)



The acrylicfinisher can be applied over the paint as a protective layer.

Angelus_alle kleuren_5-11-2020_bewerkt_vierkant

Brand Angelus
Title paintproducts Cognac Acrylic leather paint
Color cognac
Contents 29,5 ml
Article number 814.180angelus

Own Risk

  • The use of adhesives, solvents and paints is at your own risk. This applies to both your health and the way you use these products.
  • Make sure that you ventilate the space sufficiently and use protection for your skin (gloves), eyes (glasses, if splashed) and protection of nose and mouth in case you use spraypaint.



  • Colors may differ from the original.
    This may be due to:
    • different supplies
    • paint baths (except for natural veg. tanned leather)
    • display settings of your device (computer, phone or tablet).
  • When you use penatrating dye the color of the leather (base) has an effect on the results. When you use a darker leather as a base, the final color will also be darker.











Returns information

  • This product can not be returned.


How much Angelus paint do I need?

Here is a baseline idea for how much paint may be needed for a project:


1 oz. of Angelus Paint:

2-3 pairs of entire shoes

1  small to medium handbag

Touch up an entire couch


4 oz. of Angelus Paint:

1 large handbag or purse

6-12 pairs of shoes

A whole small chair


16 oz. (Pint) of Angelus Paint:

20+ pairs of shoes

A whole recliner/big chair color change


32 oz. (Quart) of Angelus Paint:

40+ pairs of shoes

A whole interior of car ~4-5 seats

Entire Medium 3 seat Sized Couch

No Shipping outside the EU

This product will not be shipped outside the European Union.