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Machine needles system 134LR size 80 leatherpoint

Machine needles system 134LR

These needles are especially for industrial sewing machines.
Total length of these needles is 3,85 cm.



  • Decorative lockstitch seams in soft to medium-hard leather
  • Nearly all common types of leather


Examples of use

  • Size 80 - 110: Shoes, leather garments, accessoiries
  • Size 120 - 200: Car seats, cushions


Title Machine needles system 134LR size 80 leatherpoint
Article number 812.10m80



Point style

Cutting point

  • Cuts the leather in the sewing direction at an angle of 45°, slanted to the right
  • Thread: slight to moderate slant (leatherdependent), slightly elevated
  • Stitch holes easily visible
  • Suitable for short to medium stitches




Machineneedles + Thickness of thread



Similar product, different brand

Because we work with different suppliers, the version and brand of the product may be different from the product in the photo.

Version: PVC locks can be a bit more angular or rounder than the photo. This is an example, but may also apply to other articles. If in doubt, you can always contact us by email.

Brand: With machine needles, you may receive a different brand, for example: Groz Beckert, while there are Schmetz needles in the photo. As long as the system of the needles does not deviate, they will fit in the sewing machine.