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Round punch 9 in 1 handle with standard Ø 2 mm punch tubes

Round punch 9 in 1

This 9-in-1 hole punch works great for making multiple holes in one shot. Adjust the number of tubes to get the desired pattern. Ideal for 1.2mm~1.6mm (3/4oz) leather.

If you leave out some of the replaceble hole punches you can create a new pattern. Great to use for patters for the synthetic rivets.


Title Round punch 9 in 1 handle with standard Ø 2 mm punch tubes
Article number 810.06b


  • Customizable punch with removable punch tubes.
  • Each tube is 2mm (1/16") in diameter with 9mm (3/8") gap in between.
  • The space in between the holes is approx. 7 mm.
  • Works up to 1.2mm~1.6mm (3/4oz) leather.



  • Standard 14 day return policy. ( read the terms and conditions here: https://www.boomsmawebshop.com/t/faq/returns).



  • We recommend using a wooden, nylon or rawhide mallet to preserve your stamps and setters from wear.
  • For the large 2D-3D stamps or large punches we advise you to use a mallet at least 300 grams.



  • We advise using a nylon cutting block with a piece of thick leather on top. This will expand the life expectancy exponential.
  • Make sure you have a solid non springy foundation/worktop.
  • Never use a wood or metal as a base in combination with knives or punches!
  • The incorrect use of our products will not be compensated!