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Giftcard value of € 20,-

€ 20,00 incl. VAT
  • Largest offer in the Netherlands
  • Over 45 years of experience
  • Fast delivery
  • Large stock


Do you know someone creative who loves to work with leather? And you would like to buy them a gift but you are not sure what to get?

Give them a digital giftcard!


How does it work:

  • You receive a digital giftcard printout (Pdf) with the code and amount written on it (automatically) in your mailbox. This giftcard can be used one time on Boomsma.nl.  
  • You receive an invoice of the giftcard after payment (via email).



  • For each order, you can redeem only 1 Gift Card code.
  • Purchase price must be greater than or equal to card value.


Title Giftcard value of € 20,-
Article number 800.020

Gift cards terms and conditions

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1.                  These terms and conditions apply to all Gift Cards issued by www.boomsmawebshop.com.

2.                  Each Gift Card is provided with a unique code that is only provided once. You must keep the Gift Card/Gift Card Code carefully. www.boomsmawebshop.com is not liable for the loss, theft or erasure of the Gift Card or Gift Card Code and there will be no compensation. Only original Gift Cards and codes can be used and must be provided to www.boomsmawebshop.com upon request.

3.                  To use a Gift Card, you need to place the products you selected in the "shopping cart" on www.boomsmawebshop.com. During the payment process, you can enter the Gift Card Code with the payment method. This code must be identical to the Gift Card Code you obtained through www.boomsmawebshop.com.

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13.              For each order, you can redeem only 1 Gift Card code.

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