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Modeling tool deluxe black grip Stylus

Stylus: Used as helpful aids in lacing. Can also be used for transferring designs onto leather whether hand drawn or printed (see Printable Tracing sheets). For Matting, Stippling and Texturing is the stylus also useful. (see referenced books below)

Ball: Used for pear shading, background stippling and embossing your leather work.

Spoons:  Can be used for transferring the geometric stamping grid. Also used for pear shading, modelling around the embossed design and figure carving. If you are doing serious figure carving i would advise to buy our book ' Figure Carving Finesse'. On the ' Know your tools' pages there are explanations on using the modeling tools, as well as examples throughout the book.

Pro Petal/ Deerfoot: Used for petal lifting (of leaves, nostrils of animals etc.), beveling and matting. It could be helpful to sharpen and polish this tool for easier lifting (not needed, and if  done incorrectly could render your tool useless).


Modeling tools are very useful in leathercraft. The modelers shown will fill almost every need. They can be used as bevelers, shaders, backgrounders stipplers etc. They can be used on both Floral, Figure carving and more modern designs. Their uses combined with clear illustrations can be found in the books: 'Tech-tips', ' Pictorial Carving' and ' Figure Carving Finesse'. A small explanation can be found in the book ' Leathercraft Tools' .



  • Black rubber grip
  • Options: Fine Spoon/ Small Spoon; Medium Spoon/ Large Spoon; Medium Pointed Spoon/ Large Pointed Spoon; Small Ball/ Large Ball; Small Undercut/ Large Undercut; Pointed Stylus; Cone/ Bell.



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Title Modeling tool deluxe black grip Stylus
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