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Overstitch spacer overstitch spacer with three wheels (ea)

Header_Steekroulette stikgrootteOverstitch spacer

Comes with four removable spacing-overstitch wheels. Matching embossing wheels are available. Teeth gap width:  3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm & 6 mm.




Embossing Wheels

Our Embossing Wheels are great for fast and easy borders. Designed to be mounted on the Overstitch Spacer. By rolling the wheel on your leather project you can create decorative patterns on the surface. 



  • Width: 6.4mm (1/4").
  • This wheel must be used with embossing hand tool.
  • Dampen the leather surface before applying the leather embossing wheel.
  • For stronger and more durable impression, rock the embossing wheel back and forth as you move along. 
  • Pack Size: EACH.

Steekroulette sierwieltjes



  • This tool is not to be heated!
  • Be careful! The Osborne type embossing wheels do not fit!!!
  • Standard 14 day return policy. ( read the terms and conditions here: https://www.boomsmawebshop.com/t/faq/returns).


Title Overstitch spacer overstitch spacer with three wheels (ea)
Article number 808.26